Thursday, March 06, 2008

A Bit of Relief

I feel a bit of a burden lifted off my shoulders today! I finally got our Federal and State Income Tax Returns filed! This has been hanging on my shoulders for the past several weeks because we didn't have all our contributions statements for our monies tithed in 2007.

Since this was a huge relief, I talked DearHubby into "celebrating" by going to Friendly's for dinner. It was fun and we had free ice cream afterwards!

I didn't get much done around the house today since I spent most of the day on the Returns, but I don't feel bad about giving myself a break today. I feel like I just made our family money and deserve a break!

NOTE: I just wanted to clarify that I felt like a huge job was accomplished today. Since I am a stay at home mommy I often struggle about how I am helping DearHubby in the financial area when I don't bring in any income. I've been improving the way I shop and I hope I am helping at least by saving money. So, once a year, when I file that income tax, I always feel like I've finally contributed my financial help, which is why I felt such a huge burden off my shoulders, like the job was completed, and completed well!

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