Thursday, February 21, 2008

Just One of Them Days

I kind of feel defeated this morning. It's just been one of those mornings where I wanted to get a lot of things done and I feel like I haven't done much.

DearDaughter1's best-friend and mom are coming by this afternoon around 12:45pm. It's now 10am. So far, all I've gotten done is a load in the washer, breakfast for myself and the girls, baths for the girls, and the dishes. I was hoping to work on my 2007 filing paperwork project and prepare dinner all before 12:45pm. It's looking like I'll only have time to get myself dressed and prepare dinner and maybe do some pick-up before they get here.

I've fallen behind on my tasks this week because I've been so tired. I took a day to recuperate from Monday's play date. We were here at home, but there's something about keeping DearDaughter1 and DearDaughter2 in "control" for guests that's just very mentally tiresome.

Then, I took a day to recuperate from Tuesday's workout. DearHubby and I exercised on Tuesday evening and really pushed ourselves and I was physically tired.

So, for the past couple of days, I've been taking it really easy here at home with tasks, doing things that aren't too mentally or physically draining, like updating my girls' blog (and mine - posting things that have have been on my mind for some time), and just keeping up with the minimum basic chores.

I was feeling really good this morning, both physically and mentally, and wanted to get caught up with things I haven't addressed yet this week. I feel defeated because in order for me to get started on certain projects, I would need the space and the time and the right timing to do these projects and I've come to the realization that the 2 hours I have from now until DearDaughter1's friend and mom comes over is not enough time because I still have to feed my girls and myself lunch, get dinner prepared, etc...After they leave, I then have to run to the store to purchase ingredients for a lunch gathering tomorrow. Then, after shopping, I need to meet DearHubby at the gym to work-out. So, today is shot as far as getting much accomplished at home. Tomorrow is also shot because it'll take all morning just to get the girls ready and out of the house in time for lunch and of course the gathering will take all afternoon. Then, we have a wedding on Saturday to attend, which is 2 hours away, so Saturday's shot...and then Sunday is the Lord's Day, no work.

You ever have one of those days? If so, how do you keep yourself from getting overwhelmed by the work you know you'll be behind on?

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Trish D said...

Don't really have any great words of wisdom - but boy, can I relate. I'm constantly evaluating what's really necessary. One silly example: I used to bathe our son every day. Don't know why, but I thought it was necessary. Know what? It's not! The kids now get bathed on Tues, Thurs & Sat nights (unless they're unusually stinky, of course :) That right there freed up a good amount of time! I also try to plan out shopping trips/errands so that I only have to go out once a week. Am I always successful? Hardly! But it does help.

One other idea - I'm sure you've already talked about these issues with your hubby, but perhaps you could have one night each week (or every other week) where he will take care of the girls and you can get 2-3 hours of productive time. I know he's really busy with many things, but it might be a temporary solution.

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