Thursday, February 14, 2008

I Truly Love My Girls

Yesterday, Wednesday, I was such a wreck. DearDaughter2 had a doctor's appointment on Tuesday and received 2 shots. It seemed like she was running a fever yesterday because of the shots and she's also been fighting some congestion for a few weeks now. Along with all those discomfort, she's also teething. So, yesterday, she was extremely fussy and would not go down for a nap. DearDaughter2, until yesterday, has been such a joy to care for because she is such a HAPPY and CHEERFUL baby and is usually smiling. So, to have her in such a fussy mood was a little different. In addition, I don't think DearDaughter2 is used to being so uncomfortable and it seemed like she was crying every second. What that meant for me was constant attention towards DearDaughter2 and what that meant for DearDaughter1 was running wild around the house. It was difficult even thinking about getting anything done, not even comb my hair. I have a natural frizz and unless I fix it in the morning, it is a fro. Well, all I had time for yesterday was to pull whatever hair I could grab and put it in a rubber band. When DearHubby came home, he laughed and asked if I was a sumu wrestler. Gee, thanks...

So, I had invited DearDaughter1's best friend and mom over for lunch for today and decided that I needed to cancel. I called DearFriend up and told her the situation. She was bummed about not being able to have lunch, but she volunteered to take DearDaughter1 off my hands for a time today just so I could get some things done.

Well, they left about 45 minutes ago. I just spent the last 45 minutes having some quality time with DearDaughter2. It was precious.

However, I have to admit that I am on the verge of tears right now because the house is absolutely quiet. When I put DearDaughter1 down for her naps, she usually doesn't fall asleep anymore and just talks to herself the whole time. So, there's usually still noise when the girls are down. It is absolutely quiet right now and I am realizing how much I truly love my girls. The second my DearFriend pulled out of the driveway and I walked into this empty house, I was struck with how much I truly love my girls. I am often so upset at DearDaughter1 because of her growing rebellion, but even her rebellion is what makes DearDaughter1 her.

I am actually so glad that my DearFriend took DearDaughter1 so that can realize this. I can't wait to see DearDaughter1 in a couple of hours. Until then, I'll try not to miss her too much so that I can be productive with my time!

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