Sunday, February 10, 2008

February 10-16, 2007

Weekly Devotions: Year 1 Week 04 from MyReadingPlan

Projects of the Week: Income Tax Return, File 2007 Paperwork, Girls' blog project
Bathroom Area of the Week: Overall Main Bathroom

Sunday: The Lord's Day! Morning Service & Evening Service
Monday: Laundry, 2007 paperwork project, Confirm dentist appointment for Tuesday
Tuesday: Laundry (need to dry), Dentist appointment (9am), DearDaughter2 doctor appointment (12:45pm), Play date with Little R (Thurs), Exercise #2
Wednesday: Laundry, Change sheets & towels(Thurs-diaper changing towels), Budget (Fri), Bathroom cleaning (Thurs), 2007 paperwork project (Sat), Weekly paperwork project
Thursday: Income tax return, Exercise #3 (Sat)
Friday: Play date with Little K
Saturday: Grocery day

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