Monday, December 03, 2007

Devising a Read Through Plan That WILL Work

In the 15 years that I have been a Christian, I have not yet read straight through the Bible. Even when I was at Geneva College, at that time, a small Christian school, I only read the assigned Bible readings for the week.

A few months ago I attempted reading one of 's Chronological Plan, but I wasn't able to keep up with it because the daily reading took more time than I could spare and there would be so much information contained in the reading that it overwhelmed me.

So, this morning, I tried doing some research online about reading through the Bible and they were all 1-year plans. I've tried 1-year plans before also, but I also failed at those because of the same reason I failed with the Chronological Plan. There were some other interesting plans, all very good, but the whole goal was to read the Bible in a year, which means the same amount of reading.

Therefore, I decided to devise my own reading plan by doing it mathematically. I wanted to know how many chapters there are in the Bible and then divide it into managable pieces. I also wanted to make it practical...Times are busy over the weekend so I want to just read M-F.

Here's the breakdown:
Books in OT = 39 Books
Chapters in OT including Psalm = 920 Chapters
Chapters in OT without Psalm = 770 Chapters
Books in NT = 27 Books
Chapters in NT = 260 Chapters
Total Books in Bible = 66 Books
Total Chapters in Bible including Psalm = 1180 Chapters
Total Chapters in Bible without Psalm = 1030

Days in a year without Weekends = 260 days

Here's the plan:
3 Year Bible Reading Plan
Alternate reading between 7 Chapters & 8 Chapters a week + 1 Psalm a Day
Alternate reading between Old Testament and New Testament

7 Chapter Weeks = 3 (1 Chapter Days) + 2 (2 Chapter Days) + 1 Psalm a Day
8 Chapter Weeks = 2 (1 Chapter Days) + 3 (2 Chapter Days) + 1 Psalm a Day

May the Lord bless this endeavor and give me the perseverance to complete and finish this race. Let's start reading...

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