Thursday, October 18, 2007

Patience and Happiness

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DearHubby's been racing dirt bikes since he was in college. He is an amateur racer, but none the less, he took his racing seriously after graduation. In fact, when I first met him, one of the first stories he told me about was of his racing experiences.

Yet, while we dated, DearHubby's hobby did not interfere with our relationship. He always worked around our schedule and I didn't even notice when he worked on his motorcycle.

It wasn't until we got married that I finally realized how much of a passion DearHubby really had for this hobby and I got jealous of the time he spent on his motorcycle. It seemed like he spent more time with the motorcycle than with me. This jealousy caused a lot of contention between DearHubby and I for years. So much so that we'd usually argue all throughout the ride up to the race track. Sometimes our arguments got so ugly that I'd just stay home.

When I finally realized that DearHubby would not give up dirt bike racing, I tried to be more supportive. However, because we argued for years about this issue, it was hard for DearHubby to believe that I was no longer jealous. Because of that lingering doubt, every time DearHubby would race, a situation, not related to the race, would occur where I would get upset at him and he'd think I was upset because he was racing...

Back in 2005, DearHubby hurt his knee practicing for a race. As a result of this injury, he needed 2 knee surgeries.

So, DearHubby hadn't raced for 2 years and one day a few weeks ago he spontaneously mentioned that there was one last race in the local area and he asked if he could go. Since DearHubby had been working so hard on the house, I thought it would be a sort of relief for him to just enjoy something he loves and so I told him that it was ok (just as long as he didn't get hurt again).

Well, DearHubby works in the city and he prepared our little Escort for the race by hitching up his little trailor with the motorcycle secured on it. Though the motorcycle was securely on the trailor I wasn't sure that it was wise for DearHubby to take the car into work. I was afraid the motorcycle would get stolen. So, I offered my car for DearHubby to take to work and I would drive in after work and we'd swap cars.

My morning went really well and I even left the house early enough to get to DearHubby's work on time. As I drove towards the highway, I kept hearing thumping noises. I called DearHubby and told him about them. He told me that the trailor would drag a little because of the weight. I told him that it was dragging or hitting the road pretty often. He assured me that things would get better once I got onto the highway. Well, as soon as I left the exit ramp and got on the highway I heard a few thumps and then suddenly I heard a big BANG! I wasn't sure what that was, but it sure slowed down the car and I couldn't accelerate. I thought I just accidentally went into Neutral but when I looked, I was still on Drive. Then I heard an evenly rhythmed thump, thump, thump...We had a flat. I pulled over and there we were, stuck in the middle of the highway. I called DearHubby and he agreed to come and get us, but we had to sit and wait for about 45 minutes. So, I called a friend to keep us company.

"You seem awfully calm for being stuck in the middle of the highway with a flat, no air conditioning in this heat and humidity, and two little babies in the back seat."

"I don't see any use in getting upset about the situation."


Well, a state service man came by while we waited and switched out our flat for us and I told DearHubby to just meet us at home.

Surprisingly, even to me, I was still calm about the situation. When I got home, DearHubby was waiting for us with all his tools ready to do a quick tire rotation so that a good tire would be where the weight was. I told DearHubby that if he wanted to make it to the race on time, we should not worry about the car and just take his cargo van. We loaded up the cargo van and made it on time for DearHubby to even make the practices. The irony of it this situation is that DearHubby's race got switched and he missed the first run or moto. We paid attention for the second race and he got 4th place.

We ended up having a great time! I wanted to express to DearHubby that I wanted to support him in his decision to race. Though I don't necessarily agree with DearHubby racing, I discovered that if he's going to do it, fighting with him about it only makes for a bad situation and a horrible testimony. So, this time, I wanted to make sure that I didn't get upset at anything so that DearHubby would see that I do support him. I think DearHubby realized my support, especially after the flat tire situation.

It was all good and I thank God so much for protecting my heart that evening to allow me to respond in Christ-likeness through all the obstacles and minister to my husband with patience, love, and kindness. Because of God's work in my heart to respond in such a Christ-like manner, God blessed us by giving us a happy family time!


Bren said...

You are a wise wife!!! Love the pictures.

Bren said...

Oh Sweetie...I cried tears of shame when I read your comment on my post!! I have so far to go. I spent 20 minutes on my bathroom floor today. It started out I was washing it, but I pray while I work and it took only minutes before I was on my face on a dirty bathroom floor crying out to God in extreme despair. My daughter's dealings in the occult before she came to me bears it's ugliness every so often. Lately I feel like I am living with a legion. I may well be. Needless to say, I am at a point where I am fighting the Holy Spirits words..."Draw her close." when all I want to do is send her away. Pray for me.
As to your question about my organizational skills when my boys were little, No. I was not near as organized, but the place where you are now is what pushed me to learn organization. I started with Sandra Felton's Messies Manuel. It was wonderful and I still know no better resource. Instead of a "flipper file" I now use my binder, but everything else is pretty much the same. Do you read Cheryl's "Copperswife" blog? She is extremely gifted in the area of Homemaking and is adding a wonderful homemaking section to her actual website. Right now she only has an article on building a heritage library for your children. Her archives on her blog are second to NONE.
Really you are on the right track with your girls and husband. I know this because I read your blog everytime you post and, you are very real in your stuggles, though you always come through the other side just fine! Thank you for your kind words. Today was a day I really needed them.
Cheryl's blog is at

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