Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Be a Woman Used By God

Taken from Biblical Womanhood in the Home

Read Chapter 4 (Portrait of a Woman Used By God) from Biblical Womanhood in the Home

"...take time to ponder the following questions and ask the Holy Spirit to make you the kind of woman He can use to fulfill His redemptive purposes in your world."

1. An ordinary woman: What is it that gives my life significance? Do I believe that God can use my life to make a difference in the world?
2. A pure woman: Am I a pure woman? In my behavior? In my relationships? Am I pure in what I watch, read, and listen to? In the way I dress? Am I pure in my motives? My thoughts? My private habits?
3. An undeserving woman: Am I conscious that whatever is good or useful about my life is the result of His undeserved grace poured out on me?
4. A chosen woman: Am I conscious of having been chosen by God to fulfill a specific purpose in my generation?
5. A Spirit-filled woman: Am I depending on the power of the Holy Spirit to be and to do that for which God has chosen me? Am I seeking a fresh, daily filling of His Holy Spirit in my life?
6. An available woman: Have I made myself fully available to God for whatever purposes He might want to accomplish in my life? Am I willing for Him to use me at any price?
7. A believing woman: Am I exercising faith in the promises of God? Am I believing God for that which is impossible apart from His power? How does my life demonstrate faith in the power of God? What is there about my life that cannot be explained apart from God?
8. A praising woman: Is my life characterized by a spirit of praise? Do I respond to the circumstances and challenges of each day by expressing gratitude for the greatness and mercy of God? Do my responses to my daily circumstances give the world a proper view of God?
9. A woman of the Word: Do I love the Word of God? Do I read it, memorize it, meditate on it, and share it with others? Do I apply the Word to everyday, real-life situations?
10. A reflective woman: Do I take time to remember what God has done and to meditate on what He is doing in my life and in my circumstances?
11. A humble woman: Am I content to serve God without human recognition or appreciation? Is it my goal that He might increase and I might decrease? Would I be willing to do all that I do if no one ever saw, applauded, or thanked me?
12. A trusting woman: Do I trust God to fulfill His purposes in my life and in the lives of my loved ones? Is there any area of my life where I am trying to work things out on my own rather than trusting God to do what needs to be done?
13. A submissive woman: Do I trust God to lead me through the authorities He has placed in my life? Do I make it easy for my authorities to lead me, or am I resistant and stubborn?
14. An influential woman: Does my life draw attention away from myself and toward Jesus? How is my life influencing others to love, worship, and obey the Lord Jesus?
15. A praying woman: Am I a woman of prayer? Do I consistently join with other believers in praying for the revival of the church and the evangelization of the world?
16. A devoted woman: Am I a faithful follower of the Lord Jesus— in the good times and in the bad? Am I committed to follow Him even when it is costly or when others fail to do so?
17. A loved woman: Am I letting Jesus love me, care for me, and meet my needs? Am I receiving the provision He has made to meet my needs?
18. A wounded woman: Am I willing to suffer in order that Jesus’ redeeming life may be experienced by others? Have I ever trusted in Christ as my Savior, recognizing that the wounds He suffered on the cross were for my sin and for my salvation?

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