Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Promise...

I had such a hardened heart when the renovation work of our home started. It wasn't that I was against the renovation, but I just thought it was bad timing.

I was spoiled by my parents while they were here because they cared for DearDaughter1, cooked, cleaned, and shopped for me while I focused my time on DearDaughter2. It was challenging for me to pick up those responsibilites when my parents left. I wasn't fully healed yet and DearDaughter2 was just very colicky...she cried a lot, which was every time she was awake...

As I was healing and learning how to get back up on my own 2 feet, the renovation work on our home started. I felt like a huge load was literally dumped on my shoulders and I had to carry it on my own without anyone's help. At one point I was so overwhelmed that I told DearHubby that I couldn't take it anymore and I was leaving for the rest of the renovation time. I even looked up plane tickets to fly out to my parents'. Blessedly, I still had a little sense in me and realized that the plane tickets were more than we could afford. I had no choice but to stay and persevere through the situation.

I thank the Lord for bringing me to that low point because it was when I was at that low point with no where else to go that He led me back to Him. I sought forgiveness from DearHubby regarding my lack of support for this project. Then, I made it a point that last week of construction work to get up every morning and spend time in His Word and prayer. The Lord was faithful and He helped me get through that hard time.

Anyway, when the end of the 3rd week came (the time my father and brother in laws left), DearHubby and I reflected back to this challenging situation. We were thankful that we got as much accomplished as we did on the house renovation, but I felt that we were really robbed of enjoying these first moments with DearDaughter2 because our focus were on other things. So, I asked 1 favor of DearHubby...I told him that when we have our next child (Lord willing) the only thing I want to do for the first month is to spend time with our construction work, no family over, nothing but time to ENJOY our family. DearHubby agreed.

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Trish D said...

Wise decision.

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