Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Just Venting...

I'm a little flustered...

This past Sunday's sermon was about displaying to the world that we are Christians by our love towards one another and also about building relationships so that we can disciple and be discipled by others.

Well, I am flustered because I just don't know how people find the time to build outside relationships and still find time to be committed to their families...

I guess I'm speaking out of frustration at this moment...During the 3 weeks of construction going on here at home and even since DearDaughter2's birth, I've been ignoring all other responsibilities outside of the home from church ministries to friends. Well, my father and brother in laws left on Saturday and things have finally settled down here...So, my first task was to try to catch up with all the things I ignored those 3 weeks.

One of those tasks was to return phone calls to friends who have called. One friend called me twice and so I decided to return her phone call today. She didn't answer when I called her and so I left her a time when I knew would be good for me. She called not when I told her was a good time but right as I was going to feed DearDaughter1 her lunch and I was tempted to not answer the phone. However, I decided to answer the phone because this would be her third time calling me. As I answered the phone I was honest with her and told her that I didn't have much time at the moment to talk because I was just about to feed DearDaughter1 her lunch. I should have just told her I'd call her back, but decided, maybe this friend would heed my warning and would try to make the phone call quick. I kept my eye on the clock and decided that I'd give her 15 minutes. 15 minutes passed and I could see DearDaughter1 getting restless and hungry. Usually her naps are right after lunch and so I could see that she would be fussy soon. Well, this friend just got engaged and so I wanted to share her joy with her and so I let her talk some more about her engagement. Finally, about 25 minutes into the conversation DearDaughter1 started fussing and I told this friend that I needed to get off the phone. Well, by this time it was too late. DearDaughter1 had gotten into a fussy state and there was nothing I could do to calm her. Blessedly, I had leftover pizza from last night which DearDaughter1 ate without a fuss, but she wanted more and I only had 1 slice. That made her even more fussy. She already had 2 time outs this morning and I knew that a time out this time wouldn't matter. She was just tired and needed a nap. I tried calming her down, but she wouldn't. I was good all morning about being patient with this little one, trying to remember to exemplify Christ-likeness in my response, but this time, I lost it too, and once again I raised my voice at DearDaughter1. This whole scene could have been avoided if I had just ignored the phone call.

So, I am flustered about this whole situation...I wanted to be there for my friend and sister in Christ and share her joy but I felt that it was at the expense of DearDaughter1.

How do people find the time to build outside relationships and still find time to be committed to their families?

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Trish D said...

Just wanted to let you know that things *DO* get better - and it seems as though you're already in a better "place" from reading your newer posts. The first few months are very difficult, particularly when transitioning from 1 to 2, but soon you'll settle into something resembling a routine and be able to carve out a few moments here and there for a phone call.

I also found it very helpful to be proactive about scheduling time with friends, particularly those who had older children (even if it was only a few months!) They were willing to come to me, and we could let the kids play and perhaps share a snack while the mommies caught up. It was sooo encouraging to talk with adults, plus envision my kids a couple months out. Plus it helped me to savor the stage they were at! Yes, it was one more thing to add to my schedule, but I found it truly beneficial.

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