Monday, July 09, 2007

Preparing for Little One #2's Arrival: Baby Announcements

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Well, it's unbelievable, but I completed 60 birth announcements last week! It's a very simple card.

All my supplies were from Michael's...

The Card Stock is the generic brand 8x11.5 card stock sold at Michael's called All Girl. It has a variety of pink hues in it. I basically cut each sheet in half and each sheet gave me 2 cards. There was a stack of purple too, but I didn't use it. I think I used 1 pack at $3.99/pack.

The ribbon was also the generic brand sold at Michael's. I don't remember the exact color, but it's like chocolate brown and it's a satin ribbon that's 1/8" wide. I used 3 rolls at $0.50/roll. I actually found the 3rd roll at Wal-Mart for $0.44/roll.

The stamp was my best buy at $1 per set. I found that on the $1 stand, also at Michael's.

It's a really simple card and simple design. Pictured above is the front. The inside left has our Little One's name and its meaning and how we chose it. The inside right will have our Little One's picture and her birth statistics.

In addition, I was able to label all 59 of my envelopes (I'm keeping one announcement for Little One's scrapbook). OK, I have 3 families that I need new addresses for, but 99% of my envelopes are addressed.

Wow, here I was very overwhelmed by my lack of preparation 2 weeks ago and now I feel overly prepared. I didn't get DearDaughter1's announcements out until she was 2 months. Since I'm sooooooo prepared, I should get these out promptly after Little One's birth.


Pieces From Me said...

What a beautiful announcement. You are wise to get it done now because after baby is born you will have 2 little ones. With one it took 2 months to get the announcements out...congrats on that by the way, it really was quick! It would probably take til her first birthday to get the 2nd ones out. Bren

Trish D said...

Very nice! Can't wait to meet your little won-tee :)

Dana said...

The announcement looks beautiful. Hey, I never did announcements for any of mine - I always intended to, but never did!

I'm so excited for you....

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