Monday, July 02, 2007

Preparing for Little One #2's Arrival

Last week Tuesday I went to my 36th OB appointment. My OB did a vaginal and rectal culture for Group B streptococci (GBS). She then did an internal exam and discovered that I was already 2-3cm dilated (I don't know what percentile my cervix is effaced).

As soon as I discovered that I was already dilated, pure excitement rushed over me! I don't think throughout this pregnancy I have felt the emotion of excitement because this was a very challenging pregnancy for me. First, the news of the pregnancy caught me off guard and at the time that I discovered I was pregnant, my mind was not yet ready to have another child. I was still in the middle of learning how to be a new mommy and I was just starting to get back into the swing of activities here at home, at church, and socially. It wasn't "my" time yet to get pregnant. Second, as soon as I got pregnant, my lower back started giving me troubles. It was worse than lower back pain because the pain not only stayed in my lower back, but the pain shot down into my legs on both sides and nothing helped with the pain. It didn't help that DearDaughter is such a tall baby and her weight made the back pain worse as she still needs a lot of comfort from Mommy. Third, my husband went through knee surgery on both legs and was not able to help me much throughout this pregnancy. Though these don't sound like much, to me, there were a lot of obstacles for me to overcome and throughout this pregnancy I felt very much alone. As a result of being faced with what seemed like burdens for me, I had to deal with my anger sins a lot because as I faced these burdens, anger was the sin that was hidden in my heart. My DearHubby took the brunt of my anger, but DearDaughter has suffered also. Therefore, joy and excitement were far expressions of what I would have used to describe my pregnancy.

So, when a rush of excitement fell on me last Tuesday, a sense of peace also rushed over me, and the Lord finally allowed me to embrace and anticipate Little One #2's arrival!!!

I was overwhelmed, of course, because I had not prepared anything for Little One #2. I have been so consumed with my organizational projects here at home that I had not yet packed for the hospital nor gotten the carrier out, etc...

I was in the middle of DearDaughter's scrapbooking project and I decided to take a break from that to focus on Little One #2's arrival.

In the culture I grew up in, out west in California, a mom receives a baby shower for every child. When I was pregnant with DearDaughter, I discovered that baby showers for every child is not the norm and since Little One #2 is a girl and so very close in age to DearDaughter, I knew that I would not be thrown another shower. It made me sad because Little One #2's life is just as important as DearDaughter's. Therefore, DearHubby and I decided that we will be having a "Welcome Our Little One BBQ" after Little One is born. It's not a party to receive gifts from others...We have so much from DearDaughter already. Its primary purpose is to celebrate this precious gift that God has given to us. I designed and printed out the "Save the Date" cards last week and delegated my mom and my mother-in-law to be in charge of the planning.

My next project was to purchase a blanket for Little One. DearDaughter had her own going home outfit and blanket. I had already purchased Little One's going home outfit and needed a blanket. I really wanted to crochet a blanket, but with such little time to get back into crocheting, I didn't have the opportunity to do so. Therefore, I went to Target and found this $14 pink cashmere blanket. It is ADORABLE!!!

Next I created our hospital checklist and reviewed and revised our birth plan.

Then, I went shopping with DearDaughter for a baby doll. I thought that if she received her own "baby" when Little One is born she would be more accepting of her little sister because she will have a little one to take care of just like Mommy. Throughout my pregnancy I have tried to keep an eye out on the perfect doll. I thought about a Cabbage Patch newborn, but they just didn't look right to me. We finally went to KB Toys and I finally found a doll that was just right, a doll I thought that looked authentic. We then went shopping for a gift for DearDaughter to give to her little sister and found a cute special edition Care Bear. I chose Best Friend bear for DearDaugter to give.

DearHubby and I finally dug out our baby carrier and I washed its cover. All we need to do next is install the base of it in the car.

I also picked out my "going to the hospital" outfit, ironed it.

I packed our bags, DearDaugther's bag (while she stays with her friend), got out the cooler, purchased ice, took out some cash, and placed them all on top of our cubby hole ready to go.

Yesterday after church, we took one last family picture together before Little One.

DearHubby also spent the weekend straightening up the outside of the house. Though it has nothing to do with Little One's coming, this project gave me a bigger sense of peace about bringing Little One home. Before this project, the outside of our home looked really neglected. The grass and bushes were overgrown. Our front fence was falling apart. Stuff was just spread all throughout our patio and covered with branches, twigs, leaves, and grass from it being unswept for months. Needless to say, the outside of our home looked very unkempt and I was very embarrassed by it. I was really appreciative to DearHubby for taking the time this weekend to concentrate on this project and he did a wonderful job!

Lastly, I took the opportunity to "design" Little One's announcement. I hope this week I am able to complete at least 50 of them so that when Little One is born, I can just print out a picture and the statistics and send them off promptly.

Yes, we are ready for Little One's coming!!! We are excitedly awaiting her arrival!!!

(Oh...I had already set up her cradle in our bedroom and last week I bought a couple of baskets to store her clothes in while she temporarily "rooms" with us.)

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Trish D said...

Can't believe your new member will be here any day now - we got your invitation and will defintely be there to help celebrate!! :)

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