Monday, July 16, 2007

From the other side of the Blog...

Well this is "Deer Hubby" writing, being forced ;) into the service of my "Deer Wifes" Blog addiction :)

Anyhow, it seems there is a span of time missing in the "Gods Providence, Part 3", and a lot of important things happend durring that time that I will elaborate on. For "Deer Wife" she mearly had to sit back and be wooed, while I had to do all the hard work ;)

So here we go... Born in Illinois in 1973, yada yada yada, graduated from Leturneau U. in 1998. Some good freinds of ours, Let's call them "Chuck" and "Trish", purly fictional names to protect thier identity from web terorists, called me up and told me that I gotta interview with Cardone when they come to LeT. U. I did and despite the horific grade point average they decided to invite me to come up to Philly to interview, no doubt they saw an oppertunity to get a tremendously underated worker for a rock bottom price. While in Philly, Cardone put all the interview'es up at a hotel, while there we all were to eat lunch together at an introduction. I was sitting back checking out the competition when in came the Geneva College bunch. Towering handsome fellows with a this short stocky, confident looking, currly haired, spanish looking girl walking among them. I thought to myself, as they walked by, "that girl seems interesting", interesting because she seemed totally out of place yet confident. I had hopped to may meet her, but "Arch", another purly fictional caracter in this tale, was talking about his hot rod Bug and I was way to shy to talk to a girl. Fast forward a little to June of '98. After working at Cardone for a couple months, I was informed that the last of the hires was to arive soon, and it was a girl. The Secratary hinted that I ought to meet her and told me when her first day was. Of course I had to stop by, and truly, in the back of my mind I hoped it was that girl I saw way back when. Of course it was her and as I proudly told her of my inadaquate math skills, I could see she was not impressed, but she did seem impressed that I was traveling to Massachusets that weekend to race my Vintage Dirt bike.

That weekend I spent in Mass, I spent having a ball on the track and pondering what I should say to this girl when I got back. Of course I had a tall tale of adventure and survival against all odds, so that helped. As the time passed at work, I found that I could not get her out of my mind, so I just had to find out why. I stalked her for a while to find out her paterns and habits so I could corner her in her office sometime, of course I could be exagerating for dramatic effect, you'll never know :D

Anyhow, one day I did go to her office, I just about passed out on my way up the steps, and I asked if she might want to go to church with me one Sunday. She quickly claimed that she was going to Pittsburg that weekend and could not, so I said what about next weekend, she obviously was not practiced at blowing off guys and stammered, "I guess so", as her mind was not able to come up with an excuse quickly enough. It was a good Sunday meeting and we went out for lunch afterwards with a buddy of mine and had a good conversation about that mornings message. Well I just needed to find out more about her, so I found my way up to her office latter that week and asked her if she would want to go to dinner with me one evening. Once again she struggled to come up with and excuse and blurted out, "I don't have any cash", so I said, "You have a debit card don't you", she again answered with "I guess so" and found herseld without any other excuses to blow off this guy, so she agreed to go out that evening. We went to Pizza Hut and had a great conversation that kept going late into the evening as we drove around and then went back to here appartment to have some hot cocco.

It was kind of a snowball after that. Not long until I found a note on the window of my car inviting me to go to dinner at her appartment, boy was that unexpected on my part. A girl had never pursued me before. Anyhow, I left out quite a few good stories, but that is basically how I wooed "Deer Wife".

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Trish D said...

Hee Hee - it pays to have friends who work in HR :)

Seriously, though, so glad that the Lord brought you two together!!

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