Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Picture Challenge, First Update

Pictures hosted by www.holdthatpic.com

Back in April, Laura, from I'm an Organizing Junkie, chronicled her "nightmarish" organizational project. She had over 1 year in pictures that she had not printed and she was ready to tackle it. Her decision was to print all her pictures and then put them in albums.

Here I am, with a new baby expected in a few weeks, and I too have the same challenge with pictures! Well, to overcome my challenge, I decided to do 2 things...Though I am not a true scrapbooker, I personally do not like those albums where you just slip pictures in. I do like taking the time to personalize an album. Yet, with having over 1,000 pictures, putting all of them in a personalized album would be an overwhelming project. So, the 2 things I've decided to do was...

1. I purchased a traditional black album with 20 sheets (40 pages) in it. To make this project less overwhelming, I decided that each album would equal 1 year's worth of pictures/memories. Therefore, I "assigned" 1 sheet per month, 12 sheets, and then I decided on several special occasions for the additional sheets. I also journaled to DearDaughter every month until she was 6 months old and so 1 page is dedicated just to that journal entry, leaving me with choosing only 6-9 pictures per month. By limiting myself in this way, I am able to choose the most precious pictures and moments to share...After DearDaughter's 6th month, I started blogging...So, for the album, the first page of a sheet will be the 6-9 pictures and the second page of a sheet will be for the 2 most special blog entries written. That way, the "journal" them continues throughout the album.

Here is how I divided my sheets:
1- page 1: Baby Announcement; page 2: Journal
2- page 1: Last pictures before delivery; page 2: copy of Birth certificate
3- page 1: Journal of delivery; page 2: Birthday
4- Hospital stay
5-7- 1st Month
8- page 1: 1st Christmas; page 2: 1st New Year's
9-19- 2nd Month - 12th Month
20 - 1st year Birthday

2. Just like Laura, I decided to print all of my pictures, but rather than placing them all in an album, I am placing them in a black photo box, which I purchased from Michael's. Since I do have a blog for DearDaughter, I've decided that if I've used a particular photo in my blog, then I will print the post and attach it to the specific photo that was used.

My goal is to at least finish DearDaughter's first year album before our new Little One arrives. I've already gone to Wal-Mart to get the first month of pictures printed, $0.15/print. If anything, I'd at least want the first 6 months of pictures printed (financial constraints). The printing of blog posts might have to be saved for another challenge for another time...


Trish D said...

This looks great - I don't even want to admit how few pics I've actually scrapped.

One really cool idea I've seen lately is to use the 4x6 "slip in" albums, but personalize it by using those as mini scrapbooks - perhaps you put a total of three pictures on two pages, but then insert cardstock with some handwritten notes and a couple embellishments in the fourth slot. Or if there's a lot of wasted space on a photo, then you can crop it down and adhere it to a piece of 4x6 paper and write in the open space. I love that idea, and am considering doing something like that - but probably not until next year!!

Tiffany said...

They also have pre-made scrapbook albums. You just insert your photo and then you can add journaling and any other embellishments that you wish.

Actually, there is one advantage to being behind in scrapping baby pictures...you can look back and pick your most favorite ones. I started when my son was born and so I'd sit down and scrap each month-and it was hard to pick just a few-so the album is stuffed!!

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