Monday, May 28, 2007

My First...(Kiss [with DearHubby])

My first kiss with the opposite sex actually happened with a guy (Steve Katz) whom I had a really big crush on as a Freshman in high school. I was 14 and he was 16. He dumped me when I wouldn't give up my virginity to him.

My second kiss happened not too long afterwards. I was on a revenge kick and I wanted to get a guy (Jim McIntosh) hooked so I could dump him. I met a guy at a party, kissed him, he asked me to be his girlfriend, I was his girlfriend for a couple of weeks, and then dumped him.

These kisses happened before I was a Christian. After the Lord made me His, I determined to keep myself physically pure until I met the one God would give me to as my earthly husband.

DearHubby and I met in August 1998 at work. We started "dating" or courting at the end of October 1998. Our goal as a couple was to remain physically pure and so every time we would get together, which was usually at my apartment, I would sit on the couch and he would sit on my rocking chair. We didn't even hug one another until January of 1999 just to resist any physical temptation.

It was at that time that I met DearHubby's parents for the first time. They came down for a visit because they were helping DearHubby's younger sister move back home after 1 1/2 years at Appalachian Bible College. DearHubby's mom wanted to have a picture of us together and told me to sit on DearHubby's lap. It was the most embarrasing moment because we had not even touched one another that intimately before. I don't remember if I granted DearHubby's mom's wishes or not for that picture. I think we just took a picture standing next to one another.

Well, it was a few week's after that, while DearHubby and I drove down to visit my pastor from college, who was dying from cancer, that we held hands for the first time. DearHubby had given me a tape mix and Tourniquet's song, When the Love is Right, came onto the radio. One of the lines to that song is "Take my hand, take my heart, we will never be apart...Because I love you." I'm not sure who made the first move, maybe I did, maybe we did it simultaneously, but we took each other's hands and held it for the whole ride until we got to our destination. We even sat in the car for the longest time afterwards just holding one another's hands and enjoying one another's company.

Our first kiss came a few months afterwards after DearHubby asked me to marry him in May of 1998. I don't recall if it was the night he asked me to marry him or shortly afterwards...I don't even remember how the first kiss happened. The only thing I do remember is that we kissed for hours into the late evening until our lips hurt and my chin was raw from his 5 o'clock shadow. I think that's when we decided it was time for DearHubby to leave. I came into work the next morning with a chin full of zits and my colleague asked why my chin looked like that. I told him that I just had a bad break-out of zits, but I think he figured out what I did the night before.

So, that's it, my true first kiss.

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