Monday, May 14, 2007

My First...

This week I will be starting a short series called My First...

This week: My First Mother's Day (and second)
Week of May 21st: My First car
Week of May 28th: My First kiss
Week of June 4th: My First date with my husband

So last year's Mother's Day was my first Mother's Day celebration...Here is the entry from DearDaughter's blog:

Mommy's first Mother's Day was very special to me. Daddy and Mommy love me so much that they would drive me around so that I would have a good nap before church. Well, I was having so much fun riding around that I didn't fall asleep until mid-way to church. So, Daddy and Mommy drove around a little longer and was late to church by about 15 minutes. As we walked in, the Mommy's slideshow just ended and Daddy and Mommy missed it.

After church, Daddy took Mommy to Arby's. I had a lot of fun keeping Mommy entertained or maybe she was entertaining me. Mommy likes to make sure that I always have something to do and so Mommy kept playing peek-a-boo with my burp rag. She kept putting it over my face. I would get a little scared and get a little nervous, but Mommy made sure that I knew we were only playing a game. I don't like it when my face is covered, but Mommy is showing me that a covered face is not so scary.

When we got home, Mommy fed me my lunch and then we all took a nap together. I like it when I sleep in between Daddy and Mommy. They are so warm and they comfort me. After a 2 hour nap, Mommy and I got up and Mommy played with me some more.

Mommy and I spent the rest of the afternoon together, making my Mommy's Day with her very special!

As I read the entry I realized that it wasn't that extravagant, which is why I couldn't remember it al all...I am glad I recorded it!

This year was so much different...
I've had a broken piano for years. Every year, I've hinted at husband that all I want for my birthday, Christmas, or Mother's Day present is my piano fixed and every year he has not caught on to the hint. Well, when I least expected it, he bought the parts for me on Friday evening, then presented the parts to me on Saturday morning, fixed the piano for me on Saturday evening, so that I could play it on Sunday.

DearHubby also gave me the choice of where to eat lunch on Sunday, so we had lunch at Old Country Buffet.

When we got home, DearHubby took a nap, so I baked homemade brownies for his birthday and my mother's day treat.

It was all blessedly good!

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