Wednesday, May 09, 2007

May 9, 2007

Verse of the Day:
“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 4:6-7)

Today was a very busy day.

This morning I ran 2 errands before my Chiropractic appointment. The first errand I ran was to address a permit issue for our house. We built our laundry room addition a few years ago and got every inspection passed except for the final inspection. Our permit expired and I needed to reapply for this permit again. However, the person I needed to talk to for the re-application was not in (although we were told that he would be on Wednesday) so I need to return to the Township office tomorrow. While I was there, I also submitted a new zoning application for the new addition we'll be putting up as part of our new baby room project.

The second errand I ran was to address a Board of Health issue. A few weeks ago we had the Board of Health come by to inspect our septic system. Apparently, the installer of our septic system dropped the ball and failed to get our fill certification. We've been using an unapproved septic system for the last 6 years. Well, we got a warning letter from the Board of Health giving us 30 days to address this issue. We've been getting the runaround from the engineers and installers of the septic system and so I went to the Board of Health office to let them know the issue. They were very helpful by telling us that we have the "power" to push the installers of our septic system to fulfill the contract that they wrote up for us. If anything, even if we had to put out money to comply with all of the codes, the person I spoke to at the Board of Health told me that we have a very good case against the installer to win all the money back in small claims court. I called DearHubby right away so that he could follow up with the installers. I hope the installers will take responsibility for their error and that we don't have to go as far as having to sue them.

My chiropractic appointment went well. I wasn't feeling any pain this morning so it didn't really feel like the appointment did anything significant. However, I will continue to see the chiropractor through my pregnancy as I believe it's the frequent adjustments that's helping keep my back stable and my pain manageable.

After the chiropractic appointment, DearDaughter and I went to Wal-Mart to purchase a few Mother's Day cards and a birthday gift for DearHubby. I bought DearHubby Casting Crown's first album, but it's a gift set and it comes with a DVD portion. I'm excited to see his face when he opens his gift because he's been listening to this album on Rhapsody quite often lately.

I got myself a BigMac for lunch as a little treat for getting all those errands done this morning. After lunch, I spent some time relaxing. Then, it was time for me to prepare all the food for DearHubby's birthday luncheon he'll be giving at work tomorrow. I prepared about 100 BBQ meatballs, baked a batch of brownies, cut up green/yellow/red bell pepper, and put all the non-refrigerated items in bags ready for DearHubby to just grab tomorrow.

Then, I did all the dishes.

Then, I changed out all the towels and sheets and folded some laundry.

Then, I vacuumed.

When DearHubby came home from work, he wanted some time to exercise so while he exercised I prepared dinner.

I quickly ate dinner and rushed off to Bible study.

When I returned from the study I was beat. DearHubby was working out in the garage and when I walked through the door, the table was not yet cleaned up and toys were still on the floor. I was quite upset because it made me feel like I worked myself really hard today just for DearHubby and to come home to a mess just made me feel unappreciated and that DearHubby didn't care about me. When DearHubby came in from the garage I was really frustrated and so I told him (unkindly) not to speak to me until I calmed down. Well, it took me about an hour before I calmed down, but I was able to express why I was upset to DearHubby in a quieter tone. He told me that the mess that he left wasn't because he didn't care for me. He just thought he'd do what he needed to do in the garage first and then hopefully come in to clean up the mess before I got home, but that didn't quite happen. He told me that the next time he'll clean up first before doing anything else. That answer still didn't satisfy me and so I just dropped the issue rather than pursuing my point that I felt unappreciated and that he didn't care. I'm still feeling upset and frustrated, but since tomorrow is DearHubby's birthday, I am not going to let this issue go on until tomorrow. DearHubby eventually cleaned up the mess and took out the garbage can to the curb, so I will apologize for being so mean to him and thank him for eventually cleaning up the mess and for taking out that trash and that what he did was very helpful.

It's off to bed.

In Pursuit of His Call

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