Friday, May 18, 2007

May 17, 2007

Verse of the Day:
“[Doxology] Oh, the depth of the riches of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable his judgments, and his paths beyond tracing out!” (Romans 11:33)

I'm not quite sure where to begin...

First, I'm writing this at 1:17am because I can't sleep. Therefore, what I will write may not necessarily make sense.

Second, I'm trying to recall my Wednesday and I can't remember what I did. Hmmm, interesting...I guess my main focus on Wednesday was getting the dishes done, the laundry washed, changing the sheets and towels, and progressing on my personal 30-day master bedroom organizational challenge. I do remember that my back was in much pain and so while DearDaughter napped, I rested too. I was so excited to rest that I even forgot to turn on the crockpot and when I finally remembered 3 hours had already passed. I put the setting to high and we had dinner only 1/2 hour later than normal. It was a physically rough day and I think I overdid myself because I was in great pain. We had one more movie left to watch from our rentals last Saturday, Rocky Balboa, and I just couldn't bear sitting long enough to watch through the whole thing. I went into the bedroom to just rest my back...

Oh, now I remember...I am so bummed because I wanted to be fully committed to the Hearts 4 Home study that I've been attending and not miss 1 study. I missed Wednesday's study. DearHubby actually thought it was a good idea that I stayed home anyway because there was a huge storm that night and my back was in such bad shape.

Today was also a physically rough day. Either DearDaughter is sick with a cold or has allergies but regardless of what she has she was extremely fussy today. She's been fussier than normal since Tuesday, but today she wanted to be held a lot. So, I held her as much as I could and by about 9am or 10am my back just couldn't take DearDaughter's weight plus our Little One's weight in the womb. From this morning, I've been limping around because the pain has been shooting down into my legs to my knees. Despite the pain though, I still had many chores to catch up on so I folded all the laundry that I washed yesterday, changed out DearDaughter's crib sheets, vacuumed the living room, and cleaned the toilets. I also called my Encouraging Sister to see how she and the baby are doing and to inform her that I'll be treking to her place tomorrow to deliver a meal. I think that's one reason I couldn't sleep because I have such a busy day tomorrow with cooking this meal (dessert included) and delivering it, and I also have an OB appointment. Perhaps I wanted to get a head start. Perhaps I'm also thinking ahead about having the time for DearDaughter even while I have a busy day. Anyway, since my back was just in so much pain, when DearHubby arrived home from work I asked him to watch DearDaughter while I rested. I came out in time to make dinner, but DearDaughter had missed me so much that she wouldn't let go of me. So, DearHubby offered to make dinner. He even cleaned up afterwards. The only bad part about the evening was how unappreciative I was towards DearHubby. It took him 2 1/2 hours to clean up after dinner because he would watch TV and clean up during the commercial breaks. I was in the bedroom resting and I had hoped that DearHubby would clean up quickly and come and rest with me. It was 10pm by the time he came into the bedroom and it was time to get ready for bed. I was looking forward to enjoying some time with DearHubby and my expectations weren't met. So, when DearHubby came into the bedroom, instead of telling him thank you for cooking and cleaning up for me, I "yelled" at him for taking his time. We didn't really resolve the issue before bed. I told him why I was disappointed, but I still didn't tell him thank you. So, perhaps that's another reason I couldn't sleep either because I know that I should have been more appreciative but I just couldn't swallow my pride to do so.

Well, I got up at midnight and I cleaned up the kitchen. At least the kitchen is ready for me tomorrow and all I have to be concerned about is cooking and baking.

I think before going to bed, I'll write a thank you card for DearHubby and slip it in his lunch box to surprise him.

Ok, time for bed.

In Pursuit of His Call


Dana said...

You know, I really am blessed when I read your posts. You are so open and allow yourself to be vulnerable and I really appreciate it. I have had days like that too. More often than not (maybe I'm just not as willing to open up about them). Pregancy can be hard, especially with little ones - I know. Your on the right road and the right track.

I read your comments on the book. I really hope I didn't hurt your feelings about the babywise stuff. I don't know who all has done it- so I really don't want it to be a personal jab. I'm glad that it worked for you. I had just read about all the babies that become dehydrated and such from the strict feeding schedules and was shocked at all the Christian teachers (like Focus on the Family) who have actually come out and issued statements warning people about it. I'm curious as to what you think about it after you read the link I attached.

You can email me at if you don't want to post it again. I'd like to hear your thoughts since you used with your daughter.

Be blessed today and have a great weekend!!

NolaGirl said...

it is in wanting to persure His call that the wonder begins

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