Monday, April 16, 2007

Wedding Prayer

This weekend was dreary and rainy and all of us here at home were all sick. We were so sick that we didn't even go to church. My DearHusband, especially, was in bed all day long on Sunday and I had my PJ day along with DearDaughter. Well, as we just lounged around and had an "easy" day, I was reminded of those early marriage days when DearHusband and I would stay in bed on Saturdays until 2 or 3 in the afternoon just enjoying one another. We lived in an apartment and so we really had nothing to worry about. It was like being on a honeymoon for at least a year.

So, today, on Monday Memories, I would actually like to share our wedding song. We had a small and simple wedding. The ceremony was very simple, a few hymns and a psalm lifted up to our God, a simple message about marriage based on Ephesians 5:20-31, and then our vows. After the ceremony we had a small dinner party. I didn't really want a dance because one of our family traditions is for the couple to stay out on the dance floor while every one goes up to the couple and gives them money. I didn't want the focus or pressure to be on giving us monetary gifts. I just wanted and hoped for every one to enjoy this union that God gave to DearHubby and I and celebrate it together with us. So, the only dance and song played during our celebration was Glenn Kaisers Wedding Prayer. That song was purposely chosen for its lyrics and I had hoped that every one would pay attention to it. Well, the irony of it is is that I have a grandma who is deaf and she began the money tradition. The tradition is to put money in the bride's mouth during the dance and then the bride is then to pass it on to the groom's mouth while someone stands at the side and collects all the money. Well, I didn't want others to think that we were doing that so for the whole dance I danced with my mouth closed shut while my grandma stood there insisting I take the money. So, in all our pictures of us dancing to the one special song, my grandma is standing next to me forcing money onto me while I have this scowl on my face. Then, instead of our guests having the opportunity to enjoy the lyrics and beauty of our wedding song, their focus was all on the money giving part, everything I did not want for my wedding.

I don't regret that part of my wedding as it makes for a good Monday Memory, but I don't think the lyrics of our wedding song was ever heard and so here is our Wedding Prayer:

Wedding Prayer
by Glenn Kaiser

Father, our Father
Grant us Thy peace
Release us in Thy Spirit
That we may increase
In the love that Thou hast worked in us
As man and wife
We receive Thy blessing
As the three of us unite
God, make us one in Thy glory
In Jesus we depend alone
Use us to proclaim
Salvation in Thy name
We invite you to be Lord of our home

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Dana said...

That is so sweet! Our wedding song was Go There With You by Steven Curtis Chapman. Our first dance was Together as One by Stryper. Our 10th anniversary was in Oct and my hubby actually bought the old Stryper CD for me that song was on. So I downloaded him the SCC song, and get this, He didn't remember and their memories. I guess back when we got married, he was more into the Stryper type of music than SCC :) Thanks for sharing!

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