Friday, March 23, 2007

Entering the Rest of God

Notes from Women's Retreat. The speaker was Paula Harris, the director of Transformed Worldwide Ministries.

Hebrews, Chapters 3 & 4

What is the Rest of God?
- the promised land of Canaan, a place of deliverance
.....- Psalm 95, Deut. 12:8-12, Heb. 4:5,9
- Seventh day of creation/weekly Sabbath, a rest of satisfaction & completion
.....- Heb. 4:3-4, Gen. 2:2
- Spiritual Sabbath [rest] of the Soul, an inner peace that results from abiding in Christ
.....- Peace with God, Peace of God, Eternal Peace (the ultimate rest)

What is the Main Requirement for Entering His Rest?
FAITH in God and REST from our own work - Heb. 4:3 & 10
.....To God

Refrain from having a sinful, unbelieving heart:
- by hearing the message and not combining it with faith
.....- Heb. 4:2, Mark 4:40, Rom 10:17, Jer 32:27, Eph 3:20, 1 Pet. 5:7, Isa. 41:10, Psalm 37:7, .....Matt. 11:28, 30
- by disobedience
.....- Heb 4:6, 11
- by having a hardened heart that is insensitive to the word and work of God, that is rebellious and seeks its own will
.....- "The heart of every problem is the heart."
.....- Heb. 4:7
- by refusing to rest from our own work, not relying on God's power and complete work
.....- Heb 4:10

Examples of women in the Bible who did not enter God's rest:
- Eve - Gen. 3
- Martha - Luke 10:38
- Lot's wife - Gen. 19:26

Examples of women in the Bible who did enter God's rest:
- Abigail - 1 Sam. 25
- Mary - Luke 1
- Noah's wife - Gen. 6

Rest in Our Routine - Rom. 14:7, Matt. 6:33-34
"Learn to live one day at a time. God will faithfully give you a sufficient amount of grace to deal with the trouble of each day. Avoid borrowing trouble from tomorrow or carrying trouble over from previous days."

Stress Busters: (practical ways to find rest)
- Family calendar
- Photograph memories and declutter
- Sing, laugh, listen to music
- Exercise 3x/week
- Lysine - remedy for cold sores
- B-12/B vitamins for energy
- Dark chocolate
- Weigh everything, then make the best decision, and don't beat yourself up afterwards about the decision
- Know and listen to your body
- Allow extra time to get things done
- SLOW down
- Running list on refrigerator of things to buy at the store, if an item is used, then immediately write it on the list
- Schedule personal time and don't feel guilty
- Get rid of clothes not worn after 1 year
- Have a back-up plan for emergencies
- Remove clothes immediately from dryer
- Remember to scheudle "ANNUALS"
- Sort mail immediately:
.....Toss - throw away immediately
.....Refer - someone else can deal with it
.....Act - need a response
.....File - needed in the future
---tips from the group---
- Lengerie bag for every family member's undies
- You do not have to have the last word

Responding to Christ's Invitation of Rest
Why do you do what you do? Why do you feel so obligated to commit to so much?
- fear of being rejected - Prov. 29:25
- fear of not measuring up - Col. 2:10
- fear of life passing you by - 2 Cor. 10:12
- fear of lack or not having enough - Phil. 4:19
- fear of being replaced by someone - 2 Tim. 1:7
- fear of being like one or both parents - Psalm 56:22
- feeling guilty or unworthy if not busy - Jer. 32:27, Eph. 3:20

Matthew 11:28-30
You are invited to COME, TAKE, and LEARN...
- Come unto me (those who are weary, burdened, and heavy laden) - Matt 11:28
- Take my yoke - Matt. 11:29
- Learn from me, learn to be just like Jesus - Matt. 11:29
- You SHALL FIND REST of your inner invitation to enter his rest - Matt. 11:29
.....- Heb. 11:1, 6

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