Tuesday, February 06, 2007

February 6, 2006

Verse of the Day:
“He who pursues righteousness and love finds life, prosperity and honor.” (Proverbs 21:21)

Today was a rough day. I had a doctor's appointment at 9:30am, but on the way out I saw that there was a message on my cell phone. My doctor had a family emergency and so my appointment was cancelled. So, I was on hold for about 35 minutes trying to reschedule my appointment. Since I had already gotten DearDaughter ready to go out, I still packed her up in her car seat and we took a drive until she took a nap. After waking from her nap we went to the grocery store to purchase some items that were on sale. By the time we got home it was time for lunch and then it was ready to go to my rescheduled appointment. We even left early since I had to visit a new office, but when I got to the office, I was told that my appointment was at the other office. Well, it was a rough day because no chores got done today as we got home after 4pm, it was hard travelling in the bitter cold, and my back really hurt today.

In addition to the issues above, we ran out of propane on Saturday and the exchange system at Home Depot, the only place we know where to get propane, is broken and we can't get a new tank. Therefore, not being able to use the stove or cook since Saturday. If we can't get propane tomorrow, I'll need to get creative!

Today was a test of patience and I failed. I grew impatient as I was dressing DearDaughter after a diaper change. She refused to put her pants on and I lost it and yelled at her.

May the Lord help me pursue righteousness and love and I am thankful that He forgives me of my sins.

NOTE TO SELF: about 150 bpm, a lot of activity, 133 lbs (no change), US in 3 weeks, test for downs

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Dana said...

wThanks for your honest post. It is not easy being transparent, especially when we talk about shortcomings or frustrations. Thankfully God is gracious and continually renews and restores us. Patience is a test with me everyday and I fail it often. I think I fail everday in one way or another where patience is concerned :) I enjoy this blog. I really liked your schedule for cleaning! I hope your day is going well. Thanks for stopping by and blessings to you!

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