Thursday, January 25, 2007

Chores Done by Noon and a Shower

Today is starting off much in contrast to yesterday. Yesterday ran like clock-work, probably the most productive day I've ever had and everything just worked out perfectly! I was done with all my chores by noon and a roast in the slow cooker by 9am. When I was done with my chores I took a shower and the rest of the afternoon was mine! I was able to finish my meal preparation that I delivered to a family last night. DearDaughter and I were able to spend some quality time together, enjoying some good play time and a stroll outside. We even had time to drop off my Mom's' Coffee Break invitations at the post office, pick up my prenatal vitamins, and shop at Wal-Mart! To top it off, I was at Wal-Mart as they were setting up their clearance rack and I was able to get a nice summer top, a cute pair of tweed pants, and an Eagle's sweater all for $7. I saved 84% off the regular price!!! In addition, since we were just having leftover tacos, I didn't have to cook when DearDaughter and I got home and I was able to give DearHusband some time to rest because he was feeling sick.

By the end of the day, I was convinced that on a daily basis I will attempt to get all my chores done by noon and a shower so that the afternoon hours will be free to give me the opportunity to find rest (like spending more time with DearDaughter without feeling guilty that the house work isn't done, or working on DearDaughter's scrapbook, or just taking a nap).

Well, as I stated in the beginning of this post, today is starting in contrast to yesterday. DearHubby was feeling sick this morning and decided to sleep in an hour later. Well, yesterday, I depended on that 1 1/2 hour time before DearDaughter got up to get some chores done. Since DearHubby slept in, so did I and I lost that 1 1/2 hour time. Then, DearDaughter caught a cold a couple days ago, but today the symptoms are much worse, making her a less pleasant baby, and already she has been yelling her lungs out every 5 - 10 minutes or so. I already have a huge headache, and my "woe is me" list just goes on and on...As a result, I already had a bad attitude about today and I was hating life. I was also quite edgy this morning and as I was talking on the phone with DearHubby to ask him a favor, he kept interrupting me and I got impatient and yelled at him...Anyway, when I am feeling like this and everything is going wrong, my day usually turns out BAD. Then, right before I began this post, I glanced down at my memory verse of the week which reminded me that my day doesn't have to turn out BAD. Instead of allowing all these unpleasant situations make me unhappy and frustrated, I should endure in doing what is pleasing to God so that I can shine His glory, even to my family...:

Philippians 2:14, 15 (NIV)
14Do everything without complaining or arguing, 15so that you may become blameless and pure, children of God without fault in a crooked and depraved generation, in which you shine like stars in the universe...

As I read this verse, I was convicted of my wrong attitude about today, and I pray that the Lord will give me enduring faith, one that will persevere in faultless behavior that is pleasing to Him even when things aren't going the way I'd like them to go and to keep on in what I need to do but if nothing I need to do gets done, then to realize that it's still ok, especially if I do what is pleasing to Him. That is how to trust in God and to find true rest in Him.

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