Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Recipe Book

Here is a gift I gave to a DearFriend...I got the idea from this site, but instead of using paper bags as covers, I made my own hardback cover...It took about 45 minutes to make each cover (front and back) and another 1 to 1 1/2 hours to hand write the recipe cards. Total time for project is about 3 hours.

1. Cut cardboard (from any box) - 4.3" x 7".

2. Cut material 1" larger around perimeter of cardboard.

3. Glue cardboard to center of material and cut corners to prepare material for folding.
Note: I cut one side straight and the other side angled.

4. Glue and fold over material.

5. Cut a smaller piece of material to cover up the rest of the exposed cardboard.

6. Make 2 holes on cover.

7. 1" from the edge, using a straight edge, make a crease so that the book cover will easily open.

8. Using a marker and stencil, make a monogram at the center of the cover or decorate as desired.

9. Place your recipe cards in 4"x6" zip plastic bags.
Note: 1/4" needed to be trimmed off the top and side of a 4"x6" card.

10. Punch holes to align with cover.

11. Use ribbon to assemble book.

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