Saturday, December 16, 2006

December 16, 2006

Got all our Christmas cards and November & December birthday cards mailed off today. The post office was crazy busy and I was there for about an hour.

DearHubby is a participant of a mini-dirtbike board, Planet Minis, and another participant who lives nearby stopped by today with his son. DearHubby and our visitors played outside in the field for a few hours while DearDaughter and I watched a bit.

While DearDaughter napped, I worked on one of my gifts I will be giving to my friends at next week's gathering.

When DearDaughter got up, we went to the mall and had dinner at Old Country Buffet. We stopped by Border's afterwards because we had a 20% off coupon. However, DearHubby and I didn't find anything worthy to purchase, but DearDaughter found a rubber ducky set for her bathtime, so we got that for her.

DearHubby is now outside working on the car brakes, which he was working on before our visitor came. Hope he'll be able to finish the project tonight.

As for me, I just put a load of DearDaughter's laundry in the washer. I still need to do DearHubby's jeans next. It's been another rough week with MyRoutine and I am soooooo behind on the house work. We went out to eat tonight because we have no clean dishes. The gift I am making for one of my friends is very time consuming and though I should do the dishes, I also need to spend time on this project. Yeah, priorities, priorities, priorities...

Just wanted to jot down some thoughts before getting settled into my project.

Have a blessed evening,
In Pursuit of His Call

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