Monday, October 30, 2006

Give Yourself a Chance to Grow, Be Faithful Over a Few Things

DearDaughter will need a few days to get adjusted to the time change. She woke up today at 5am, but I didn't get her out of her crib until after 6ish. I was in the middle of my menu planning and so I finished that up before tending to her. I enjoyed leaving the house at 8:30 in the morning last week and had hoped to do the same today. However, since DearDaughter woke up an hour earlier, I had to plan leaving an hour earlier. Well, that didn't happen and I ended up leaving around 8:15ish. To my surprise, DearDaughter did very well at the grocery store. Someone even commented on how she is such a happy shopper! I was home and groceries put away by 10:20am.

The sun was out boasting the sky's bright blue color with cotton like clouds scattered about. It was a beautiful morning!!!

While DearDaughter napped I got out Be Joyful, my Thursday PM study book, and read this week's required reading. The quote that caught me this week is, "'If you go too far too fast, you may hurt yourself and your testimony. And the place to start winning people is right at home. God will open up places of service for you as He sees you are ready. Meanwhile, study the Bible and give yourself a chance to grow.'...Because Timothy was a 'good and faithful servant,' faithful over a few things, God rewarded him with 'many things,' and he entered into the joy of the submissive mind (Matthew 25:21)...
[T]he greatest reward God gave to Timothy was to choose him to be Paul's replacement when the great apostle was called home (see 2 Timothy 4:1-11)."

Sometimes we often want to do BIG and GREAT things for God, but God has already prepared in advance a good work for each one of us to do and sometimes all we need to do is wait, be still, and study God's Word to give ourself a chance to grow. What a great reminder for me, especially during those times when I wonder if being a wife and mom is all there is to life. That is my current call from God and He wants me to be a faithful servant over these few, but important and valuable areas.

Anyway, I got all my chores done and DearHubby got home early so that I could go to my dentist appointment. My poor Hubby...DearDaughter threw a crying fit the whole time I was gone because she wanted Mommy. The good news is everything is ok with my teeth. The cleaning technician just saw a little bit of gum recession because she thinks I am brushing too hard. I now have to start using Sensodyne. When I got home, the pizza was all ready to eat.

It is now time for bed. Praise God for another blessed day!!!

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